Mommies Making Money

How do these three women do it?

Mommies Making Money - How do these three women do it?


“Mommies Making Money” is the brain ‘child’ of Elaine McNabb, Laura Hauter,
and Donna Lucas.
Mommies Making Money

Three mommies who met at a conference (sans kids) down at the idyllic beaches of Costa Rica in the summer of 2012.

They clicked immediately, and since then have been building their fortunes online.

Why online?

  • Because corporate America sucks.
  • Because there is no such thing as job security.
  • Because they are at the ‘beck and call’ of their kids first and foremost (and their husbands, sometimes)
  • Because they are Burnt out Network Marketers, and that didn’t work out.
  • Because kids and their activities are expensive.
  • Because they like good wine!

With 6 kids between them (ages 4-13) these three women have taken the internet by storm and have proven that Mommies CAN make money without sacrificing their families needs and priorities.


About Elaine
I have a background in corporate finance, I’ve been a consultant for start-ups, and I’ve been a small business owner.  I love to keep myself intellectually challenged, but as a mother I soon realized that the challenge becomes retaining your sanity amongst the chaos of the day-to-day minutia.  I am able to hold on to a smidgen of that sanity by mentoring others in the world of online marketing.
Mommies Making Money

When I am not working with others on internet marketing, I am teetering on the edge of sanity as a mother of two beautiful girls and a crazy Great Dane; I am a wife to an amazing husband; and I am a volunteer at my daughters school.  I love to read, sew, travel, and am a bit crazy about crafts with my girls.  We go through A LOT of glue in our house!





About Laura

I’ve always been driven and have worked my way to the “top”.   That means High School Senior Class President, Sorority President and then… ??   While I appreciate my job and it would be the envy of many with a great income and flexibility for family, I need more.  A diversified income is very important to me, and any job can be gone the next day.

mommies making money

Currently, I juggle the social/activity calendars of a pre-K son, dramatic daughter and witty pre-teen son.  (The serial killers that are described as the “nice neighbor” always turn out to be loners.  That has not gone unnoticed.)   Also, I’ve always supported my husband’s soccer coaching career – because he is brilliant at it!

Oh yeah, then there is me.  I’ve lost weight and gained ½ back (check for updated bio J), love, love to read.  Love to entertain and spend time with friends.


About Donna
I am a graduate of the University of Florida, Recreation, Parks and Tourism Degree.

I immediately was hired as Parks and Recreation Manager of Disney’s Celebration Community in Orlando, FL

Then I moved on to the lucrative housing market in Florida. Made six figures, but was laid off twice after the market tanked.

I was able to support myself and my family with savings until recently. Baby is now four and in school, and I am building a business full-time online.

With Traditional Network Marketing I had very little success. It is always based on how hard you can go out and talk to people. Well some days I just want to stay in my pj’s!

Licenses Held: Real Estate Broker and Insurance

Hobbies Include Gator Football, and First-class travel. Recent trips include France, Switzerland, Costa Rica, and San Diego.

What does building a business online mean?